7 de febr. 2011

Basura y residuos forever and ever and ever

Roadside Litter

Decomposition Chart for litter*

Banana/orange Peel: 2-5 weeks
Cotton rag:1-5 months
Cigarette butt:1-5 years
Wool clothing:1-5 years
Plastic-coated paper: 5 years
Plastic bag:10-20 years
Painted wooden stake:13 years
Plastic film container: 20-30 years
Nylon fabric: 30-40 years
Leather: up to 50 years
Rubber boot sole: 50-80 years
Aluminum can: 200-500 years
Plastic 6-pack cover: 450 years
Glass bottle: 1 million years

Others: (various sources)
Traffic Ticket: 2-4 weeks
Rope: 3-14 months
Bamboo pole: 1-3 years
Tin can: 100  years
Newspaper: 3-6 months
Carry-out food bag: 4-8 months
Napkins: 1-3 weeks
Plastic beverage containers:100 years
Carry-out tray: 3-9 months

* Decomposition depends on weather and site conditions: warm, wet conditions enhance decomposition, as does exposure to sunlight and oxygen.  Material sheltered from weather and sunlight requires increased time to decompose.